Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum specs to run the software?

You can run the software from any entry level Windows based computer or laptop

Do I need a server?

No. You can run the software on any Windows based desktop, but, we do recommend a separate computer if you have more than 3 Users

  • Server (1-4 users) Intel I3 or equivalent, 4-6 GB RAM
  • Server (5-10) Intel I5 or equivalent, 8 GB RAM

Can I work and print remotely?

Yes. We can setup remote connections with remote printing.

Can I print to Dot Matrix printers?

Yes, you can use Dot Matrix printers and Multi Part Invoice Paper.

Can I email from the system?

Yes. The system can generate personalized emails with PDF attachments for Contracts, Invoices, Statements etc.

My staff are not computer literate. Will this cause problems?

No. The software is designed so that even those with the most basic, working knowledge of a computer are able to navigate through the program.

Can I use my existing infrastructure?

Yes. We can use all of the existing infrastructure.

Are there any special requirements?

No, we install and setup everything for you.

Can I convert at any time?

Yes. You do not need to convert over month or year end as we take an exact copy of your data and balance the figures.

Can I use my custom stationary?

Yes. We incorporate your stationary within our custom reports. We can also do double-sided printing for terms and conditions if required.

Does the system have an accounting package or is it separate?

Yes. The software includes a full accounting package as standard so no third party integration.

I have multiple branches, do we have to use separate systems or one set of books?

No. You can have multiple branches all running off one server as long as all branches have an internet connection.

Is the software exclusively for Plant and Tool Hire?

No. It focuses on and is aimed at the Plant and Tool Hire Industry, but, can be used as a stand-alone Accounting Package or anywhere where items are hired and returned.

Does the software have a Month End Roll Over for Open Contracts?

Yes. The software includes a feature to charge contracts at month end and knows which contracts have and have not been charged for the month.

My accountant uses Pastel to do our books. Can the system integrate with pastel?

No. The system has its own accounting package but it can supply the required summary information for your accountant.